Mr. French
Arnold French, commonly known as Mr. French, was Frank Costello's enforcer, his right hand man, his driver and his closest friend.

At some point French strangled his wife to death with a garrote wire.

French was undyingly loyal to Costello, commenting to the boss that he was the only "reliable" member of his gang. Costello replied, "One in a million." French retorted, "Ten Million."

When a drug pickup went wrong, he was shot in the chest by Boston Special Ops police as he tried to get himself and Costello out of the area. He crashed and Costello abandoned the vehicle and ran. A fire started to consume the car. Saying "F--- it", he shot himself in the chin before the car exploded.

His weapon of choice was a Colt Python revolver.

He was portrayed by Ray Winstone. French is possibly based on Stephen Flemmi for being the boss's right hand man and possibly not being Irish American.

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